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KEEEN is fully Bio-degradable,      KEEEN is water based,    KEEEN is Non -Corrosive,      KEEEN is Non Hazardous,     KEEEN is Non-Flammable,     KEEEN is Non -Chemical,      KEEEN is Non- Toxic,     KEEEN is Non -Pathogenic,      KEEEN is Safe & Friendly to the Environment & User,     KEEEN is Eco -Friendly,     KEEEN is more accepted by public,     KEEEN is a Bio- product (Microbial Bio-Remediation, Bio – Stimulation),     KEEEN digests hydrocarbon, oil and organic molecules     KEEEN has Neutral pH,     KEEEN reduces fly infestations,     KEEEN Eliminates F.O.G( FAT , OIL & Grease),     KEEEN Eliminates & Reduces odors,     KEEEN Reduces BOD/COD/SS/F.O.G,     KEEEN Enhances the efficiency of waste,     KEEEN Rapidly breaks down into water and carbon di-oxide.     KEEEN Improves Degradation and Deodorization of Odor sources.     KEEEN Prevents Sulfide formulation,    KEEEN Enhances Organic Oxidation,    KEEEN Prevents mold and mildew,     KEEEN kills germs & is a powerful cleaner in the toughest form,      KEEEN is Resistant to many chemical shocks and decreases the Recovery Time
Automobile Industries ( Workshops , Automotive industry ),      Oil & Gas Industry ( Petrochemical industry, Oil Refineries, Petrol stations, Lubricants manufacturers ),    Building Maintenance,      Hotel Sector (Maintenance ,kitchen ,Pantry, General Cleaning),     Hospital Sector (General maintenance and cleaning ),     Heavy Industries ( Manufacturing Based ),      Food Industries ( Manufacturing Based ),     Food Industries ( Food Chain /Outlets , Food processing facilities ),      Retailer ( Supermarket Chains ),     Waste Management ( Waste water treatment plants , Domestic and industrial waste water ),    River, Lakes, Ponds Remediation and Maintainance.     General Usage (Very effective for fly Infestations-
TUV SUD PSB (Thailand) Co., Ltd. by Mr. Bway Kok Fi (General manager) is very pleased to award certification to ISO 9001:2008 to KEEEN Limited, by Watson Ariyaphuttarat , Founder and Executive director honorably received.
Abbreviation "ISO” stands for "Thai Industrial Stards Institute" which is National Standards Institute of Ministry of Industry. It is responsible for setting standards and monitoring products and services to meet the requirements or Industrial Standards Institute (TISI).
Global Testing and Certification
The expert with experiences in issuing the certification for product quality exported in Europe, the United States of America and Canada.

The mark GS and S are the guarantee of quality and safety of products in Europe. They are known and widely accepted and recognized in Germany and Sweden. They are the major keys to access to European markets and the Nordic countries as well.
Food and Drug Administration
Food and Drug Administration is the government organization which has the responsibility to protect the public health for consuming health products which must have quality and safety standards. Promoting the right consumption behaviors with accurate technical information that is reliable and appropriate evidence for public health, safety and the consume benefits.
Standards that have been approved from the NSF NONFOOD regarded as accepted international standards according to the standards of America.
SGS (Thailand) Co.Ltd is the first accredited firm by NAC in Thailand.

Currently, SGS is recognized as the international benchmark in quality and integrity with a unique global SGS network operating in over 1,000 locations, The SGS Group are the leading provider of monitoring services in agricultural products, minerals, oil and gas, consumer products, including system certification services to government organization, and international institutions.
The Japanese company is one of the leaders of "Monitoring and Evaluation", "analysis", marine products handling "certification insurance" and "consulting services".
National Science and Technology
Development Agency (NSTDA)
National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) is an agency in the control of Ministry of Science and Technology Thailand
National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC).
National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) .KEEEN Limited has joint research and product development with Biotech which is considered the research and development Center that its standard has been accepted in ASEAN market.
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
KEEEN Limited, has a research collaboration project to do the product development and to conduct biotechnology research development with the Faculty of Science at Biotechnology Factory plant in Mahidol university, Salaya.
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