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KEEEN is fully Bio-degradable,      KEEEN is water based,    KEEEN is Non -Corrosive,      KEEEN is Non Hazardous,     KEEEN is Non-Flammable,     KEEEN is Non -Chemical,      KEEEN is Non- Toxic,     KEEEN is Non -Pathogenic,      KEEEN is Safe & Friendly to the Environment & User,     KEEEN is Eco -Friendly,     KEEEN is more accepted by public,     KEEEN is a Bio- product (Microbial Bio-Remediation, Bio – Stimulation),     KEEEN digests hydrocarbon, oil and organic molecules     KEEEN has Neutral pH,     KEEEN reduces fly infestations,     KEEEN Eliminates F.O.G( FAT , OIL & Grease),     KEEEN Eliminates & Reduces odors,     KEEEN Reduces BOD/COD/SS/F.O.G,     KEEEN Enhances the efficiency of waste,     KEEEN Rapidly breaks down into water and carbon di-oxide.     KEEEN Improves Degradation and Deodorization of Odor sources.     KEEEN Prevents Sulfide formulation,    KEEEN Enhances Organic Oxidation,    KEEEN Prevents mold and mildew,     KEEEN kills germs & is a powerful cleaner in the toughest form,      KEEEN is Resistant to many chemical shocks and decreases the Recovery Time
Automobile Industries ( Workshops , Automotive industry ),      Oil & Gas Industry ( Petrochemical industry, Oil Refineries, Petrol stations, Lubricants manufacturers ),    Building Maintenance,      Hotel Sector (Maintenance ,kitchen ,Pantry, General Cleaning),     Hospital Sector (General maintenance and cleaning ),     Heavy Industries ( Manufacturing Based ),      Food Industries ( Manufacturing Based ),     Food Industries ( Food Chain /Outlets , Food processing facilities ),      Retailer ( Supermarket Chains ),     Waste Management ( Waste water treatment plants , Domestic and industrial waste water ),    River, Lakes, Ponds Remediation and Maintainance.     General Usage (Very effective for fly Infestations-
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Q: How long the solution will last (solution = FOG mix with water)?
    A: It will be still fresh or active-to-use for about a couple of day after mixing. It depends on the condition of water or how dirty is the container (the amount of organic matter). However, we should mix FOG with water solution day by day for high possible efficiency.

  2. Q: Is there any specific calculation for us to clean up oil spill? For example, if there is 5 liters oil spill on the floor or oil spill on 2 meter square area on the ground, then how much KEEEN product in liter (FOG or Oil Spill Control or Oil Biosorb) should we apply?
    A: Yes, we have the approximate calculation for the usage. The amount of KEEEN for treatment is around 10% of the oil volume.

  3. Q: What is the range of the temperature (in celcius) that the microbes can live?
    A: About 4 - 60 celcius degree. It will hibernate (become spore) if not in the appropriate period.

  4. Q: What to do with the waste once used to clean the spare parts?
    A: We are able to recycle the wastewater to clean spare parts if have enough filtration. The residue waste should still need disposal.

  5. Q: In what pH can the microbes work?
    A: pH 6 - 9.

  6. Q: Can the microbes use in salt water / sea / brackish water?
    A: Yes, the microbes survive in sea or brackish water unless their cell osmolysis (cell membrane damage).

  7. Q: How long will used FOG or Parts Cleaner degradable in nature?
    A: Within 14 days depend on the condition (humidity, temperature).

  8. Q: Can FOG or Parts Cleaner or other KEEEN products wash cloth that contaminate with oil?
    A: Yes, we recommend FOG or Surface Cleaner Sensitivity for wash cloth.

  9. Q: Some KEEEN products that contain microbes also contain enzymes and biosurfactant. What is the function of enzymes and biosurfactant?
    A: Enzymes act as activator and Biosurfactant as wetting agent or emulsifier.

  10. Q: I see that Max Blends is the most expensive product among others. What makes it expensive? In what condition we should use Max Blends?
    A: Because it is the high concentrated of microbes (1 billion of cell per ml). It is the base formula of most products. It is used for built-up wastewater treatment system or start-up treatment.

  11. Q: Please tell us more the differences between Odor Eliminator and Odor Neutralizer.
    A: Odor Eliminator contains microbes, but Odor Neutralizer contains peroxide (no microbe). Odor Eliminator action is break down organic substance which are odor source, but Odor Neutralizer action is neutralize hydrogen sulfide or smell only. Odor Neutralizer is able to reduce smell faster.
  12. Q: Please tell us more the differences between FOG and Oil Spill Control.
    A: FOG formula is used for cleaning purpose (its formula consist of foaming for removing/cleaning). Oil Spill Control is used for oil spill response (its formula consist of more microbe and biosurfactant)

  13. Q: How do we clean up contaminate soil? Which product do we use?
    A: We can use Biostimulation ad Bioaugmentation method (need training or instruction). We should use Oil Spill Control for cleanup contaminated soil.

  14. Q: Can we mix FOG or Oil Spill Control into firefighting water tank to spray the fire?
    A: No, we should use Oil Spill Control with Biodegradable anti foam and spray the fire.

  15. Q: How much Oil Absorbent to clean up 1 liter oil spill on the water?
    Or how much Oil Absorbent to clean up 1 meter square oil spill on the water? A: About 20-30% depend on oil type. It is equivalent to the contaminated surface area.

  16. Q: I watched KEEEN video (Oil Absorbent video) that after cleaning up the oil spill on water, Mr. Watson recommend Oil Spill Control for the next step. Is that necessary?
    A: It depends on the remain of oil. It is probably unnecessary if not required.

  17. Q: What is the requirement to achieve the gold awards in the innovation and technology exhibition?
    A: The extraordinary innovation which came from the small microbes (unseen living cell), called Bioremediation agent that are developed to greenovation products. It is pioneer in industry for clean technology (3R - reduce,reuse,recycle)

  18. Q: If we move the KEEEN products (lets say FOG or Parts Cleaner) into metal drum container, will it affect the quality?
    A: No, it does not. (no harm steel).

  19. Q: Can the KEEEN products clean up the oily spicy and sour soup (for example tom yam soup)?
    A: Yes, use FOG.

  20. Q: Can FOG clean a surface that contaminate with coal?
    A: Yes, because coal is organic matter.

  21. Q: Can KEEEN products allowed to be kept in room which is rather hot?
    A: Not exceed 60 celcius.

  22. Q: Is the application of KEEEN product depends on the surface of the contaminated area?
    A: Yes, of course.

  23. Q: Can KEEEN be applied for oil spills on the fabric?
    A: Yes, also the same.

  24. Q: If there is open wounded on our hands while use KEEEN, is it dangerous?
    A: No, we should wear glove while cleaning all the time. Because it is dangerous for bacteria contamination from working area (not from KEEEN).

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